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Powered by the state-of-the-art eCommerce software developed by SmartWin Technology, at , we bring together a number of industrial leaders in the market, joined by ever-increasing number of participants in the industry to offer you the best online trading plaza for [categories of products in question], and all the related items. Every effort is made to ensure you the lowest price, the best products, and the best quality of service for the products you are looking for. Our strict requirements on participating vendors and stream-lined ordering process aim to reduce the shopping overhead to the minimum. The fixed, but competing prices from various vendors, combined with auction offers on selected products provides the most advanced shopping platform which can't be found elsewhere. Your order of products is automatically dispatched to the supplying vendor(s), who can look after your purchase at every step of the process within a few clicks in our fully SSL and triple-DES secured backend management system.
Our services are made possible by successful partnership between SmartWin Technology and [the major partner(s)], the leader in the market.

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General Terms and Conditions
Common Trade Practice and Acts and Laws where a purchase takes place shall be followed by both the customers and the distributors. Typically this means that the laws at the buyer's own location shall govern should a dispute on the the purchase occur. In this regard, online shopping makes no difference than buying from a street shop near you. As eCommerce gains its popularity, governments and banks all have well-defined rules on consumer protections. A vast majority of online shoppers get their money back from the banks after disputing their purchases.
As a guidance, following is a list of terms and conditions that are standard practice in the industry. Each participating distributor might have slight variations on some product categories.
  1. Accuracy: All information in this site is provided to our best ability or maintained by participating vendors. However, in case of error Customer shall indemnify and hold harmless against any and all claims, demands, actions, suits, losses, liabilities, damages, costs, and expenses, including without limitation reasonable attorneys' fees, costs and expenses relating to your use of our services.
  2. Price: Due to the dynamic nature of the market and our services, prices are subject to change with out prior notice. In case of significant discrepancies between the posted and then the current prices, requires the respective vendors to inform Customer prior to processing the charges.
  3. Return: To the extent governed by laws, return of merchandise should be avoided as much as possible. We require vendors to inspect and insure the merchandise prior to delivery. And we ask Customer to inspect all items upon receiving them. Customer must contact the vendor(s) to get return authorization number. Certain merchandise may not be returnable, to the extent permitted by laws.
  4. Damage: In case of damages, Please make damage claims directly to the carrier for merchandise shipped by a common carrier.
  5. Payment: Payments will be settled between Customer and the vendors who supply the merchandise. Return checks are subject to extra service charges by banks. Dishonored checks may be subject to penalty by laws and all other related collection cost, including attorney fees.
  6. Warranty: Warranties vary from product to product, and from vendor to vendor. Please refer to relevant laws governing this aspect for the minimum requirement on individual product. Used merchandise might be exempted for warranty requirements.

In case of dispute, will take every measure possible to protect the integrity of its trading platform services and to ensure the appropriate governing laws are obeyed by all parties. This includes termination of our services to any law-breaching parties.

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Our Privacy Policy
At , we enforce the highest standard to protect your privacy while shopping with us.
  • All your sensitive private information, including password, bank / credit card details etc. is transmitted over the Internet via 128 bit SSL encryption. No sensitive information will ever be sent via email. This ensures that no data can be intercepted on the way to and from our server.
  • All your sensitive private information, including password, bank / credit card details etc. is stored under industrial strength Triple-DES encryption. This ensures no body can hack in to the database and use that information.
  • Your password will not be revealed even if you forgot and requested the login information be sent via email. We will send you a temporary one instead. Your bank / credit card details will not be revealed to even yourself though you can update the information on your account.
  • Only the distributor(s) from whom you buy the products will have access to your payment information over an SSL protected connection to our server. Every participating vendor is required to follow strict commercial laws in handling the information.
  • All relevant privacy laws are strictly followed. In particular, none of your personal data will ever be used outside the scope of the commercial operation of our business.
  • No promotion emails will ever be sent to you unless you opted for it. You can opt out at any time by updating your account information.

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