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At , we offer three levels of affiliate / distributor programs to participating vendors. All accounts are automatically renewed on a monthly basis, unless mutually agreed otherwise.
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Standard Distributor Account
For a mere setup cost of $25, and a monthly service fee at $25, you can sell any products from a vast number of catalogs we have prepared for you. That is right you don't invest time and money to do that yourself! All you need to do is to simply set the price, condition, and availability on any product you have in stock. A Web-based wizard helps identify the product in question and submit the setting.

Your offers might be competing with those from other vendors. So competitive price and accurate stock information are vital to your success with us.

You have options to specify the preferred payment and shipping options. Customer order will be forwarded to you via email, from which you can click to manage it, view the payment information, change the order status, or the shipping cost as it progresses.

Finally, a 10% sales commission will be collected against your account on each successful sale. This pays our advertising, affiliate, and cost of offering the services.

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Premier Distributor Account
For a monthly service fee of $50 (no setup cost), you get all the benefits of standard distributor plus the huge advantage of uploading your own, unique products to our system. These products can be either offered by Auction or at Fixed Price. This flexibility gives you extra edges in sales (especially for used merchandise).

As a premier vendor, you will be offered the option to set up your own eCommerce Web site utilizing the data you have selected or uploaded to our system. All management can be controlled from a single point of access. The storefront can be anywhere, on your server or under your own domain.

To get more information on what we can offer, please visit SmartWin Technology Web site. And contact us if you are interested in the option and other eCommerce services.

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Referral Affiliate Account
We offer genuine rewards to affiliates who link to us. Simply follow the instructions on Link to Us, you will get paid 5% commission for every successful sale referred from you. In fact, you can even use the Email Friend form below to start referring customers to us (Make sure "Your email" is the one you used to register the account with us).

Referral program is free to join (but verified by our system administrator). Both standard and premier distributors automatically become affiliates. As a merchant, we also pay back commissions to you if you bring customers to us, for the benefit of both parties.

Up-to-date report on referral sales is provided online for your convenience to track the performance for any period of time.

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Link to Us and Link Exchange

To track the referral sales from your site, use the following codes to link to us:-

where 'user_name' is the User Name chosen when you sign up with us.

Alternatively you can embed a JavaScript

on any of your pages, then simply link to our home page via
Our affiliate programs let you earn commissions and boost your own search engine ranking at the same time.

After you create an account with us (of any types offered above), you are invited to join our free Link Exchange program, where you will enter your Web site, Title, Category, Description, and the Reciprocal Link to us. Our link exchange software will verify the link from time to time. Once the link is verified, you site will be automatically included on our section.

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